• Unleash the Power of Integration: Mastering the HTTP Step

    Welcome to our series exploring the modules, known as steps, within LogCore Auto! In each post, we’ll dissect a different step to help you harness its power. Today, we’re kicking things off with a focus on the HTTP step – an essential tool for seamless integrations. Let’s dive in and uncover how this step can…


  • Pagination in Http requests

    When managing large datasets, retrieving all rows in a single request isn’t always feasible. Pagination allows you to fetch data in manageable chunks, ensuring efficient processing To begin implementing pagination within your integrations in LogCore Auto, start with adding a “While” step within the editor interface. Within this “While” step, nest an HTTP step. This…


  • Introducing Breakpoints and Step-by-Step Debugging

    We’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest feature: Breakpoints and Step-by-Step Debugging! When it comes to building integrations, debugging plays a crucial role. That’s why we’re constantly working to improve your experience. With breakpoints and step-by-step debugging, we’re making the process easier and more efficient. But what exactly are breakpoints and step-by-step debugging,…


    Introducing Breakpoints and Step-by-Step Debugging

  • Integration and Automation: The Pathway to Business Efficiency with LogCore Auto

    In the current digital landscape, businesses are continuously seeking solutions that can streamline their workflows, eliminate redundancies, and enable seamless data integration. LogCore Auto stands at the forefront of this movement, offering a platform that embodies the convergence of simplicity and sophistication in integration and automation. Empowerment Through Automation Imagine a world where integrations are…


  • Understanding the Intricacies of Integration Flows in Data Processing

    In the world of software and data processing, integration flows are the lifeblood of operations, defining the pathways through which data travels and is transformed. These flows ensure that data moves seamlessly between services, databases, and users, supporting a myriad of operations that businesses rely on every day. Orchestrating the Flow of Information The basics…


    Understanding the Intricacies of Integration Flows in Data Processing

  • Mastering JSONPath: Your Ultimate Guide to Querying JSON Like a Pro!

    JSON Path expressions stand as a vital tool for developers and data analysts, providing a robust and intuitive means to query and navigate through the dense forests of JSON data. JSON, being the backbone of data interchange on the web, necessitates proficient handling techniques. JSON Path offers precisely this – a query language designed for…